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 12th Annual Science and Engineering Fair

January 24, 2018

  at McPolin Elementary
Register by Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Science is fun and fascinating!
All grades are encouraged to participate.
5th grade participation is required!
Classroom projects are welcomed.
When a student has decided on a project, please register using the student registration icon at the top.
 Need help deciding on a project?
If you want to answer a question, use the scientific method:
If you want to solve a problem, use the engineering design process:
The science fair needs your help to make this a success. Please volunteer:

Students Main Page


Science and Engineering are Fun


Do you want to discover something or see what would happen when you do an experiment?             

Do A Science Fair Project!


Do you want to invent something or solve a problem?

Use the Engineering Design Process!


Fifth Graders:  Plan to do well using this packet!

PCSD Science Fair Packet 5th Grade 2015-2016.docx




Go ahead, explore and create!

  Just think of a question you'd like to answer, follow the step-by-step outline below and a few rules (please click on "Fair" tab on the top, then under "Rules"), register your project under the student registration link, and you're in.  Then, it's time to show your amazing project to fellow students, teachers, parents and friends!


Remember: Write name, teacher and grade on the back of your project board. 

5th graders: You must keep a notebook recording your project steps from the first to last day. Have this with your project the day of the fair. This is important if your project moves to the District fair.

K-4th graders can also create a notebook if they wish.  4th graders are strongly encouraged to do so.

5th graders are also encouraged to view the Salt Lake Valley Science and Engineering website http://slvsef.org/. If the student's project is a winner at the McPolin Fair, they will move on to the District Fair. If the student is a winner at the District Fair, they move on to the SLVSEF.

 Please support your students by guiding them through this process. Let the student do the experimenting and creating. You will be amazed. This is a positive learning experience. It's ok if an error is made.

I adore this picture. Sure, the kids are cute, but check out the display boards behind them.  Both are totally wonderful. But the one on the right shows the hard work that little boy did. His letters may not be perfectly straight, but that is ok, he did this himself. 



 Basic 6 steps of a Science Fair Project

 1. Problem or Question - What problem are you trying to solve? What question are you trying to answer?


 2.Introduction or Background Research – What information would be helpful to know in order to understand your project? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 3.Hypothesis - What do you think will happen?


 4. Experiment or Procedure - What did you do to answer your question? Be specific about the step-by-step process and the equipment used.


 5.Results or Analysis - What actually happened? Include any graphs or charts to help present your data.


 6.Conclusion - What did you learn from your experiment? Using the data from your results, answer the question asked in part 1. Then note any additional comments, explanations of why the results did or did not match your hypothesis.  Display your data on a display board. Bring this, along with your journal and other science project items to the fair.


HERE is a sample display board:

 K-5th graders: Please register by clicking on the registration tab on this web site by January 16, 2018.

 The 13th Annual McPolin Science Fair is January 24, 2018.

Contact Lauren Strachan at lauren.strachan@gmail.com or Gretchen Amerongen at gamerongen@hotmail.com with any questions.




Teacher Main Page

All McPolin teachers have been registered.

Teacher registration is needed in order to organize the students as they register. Students cannot complete registration until their teacher is registered, so this has been done for you.

Also, teachers can view the students that have registered by using the student icon to the left. Use the refresh button if no icons are visible.

We will plan to visit the classroom to help with registration.  Your assistance with this would also be appreciated.

Thank you for your support,

Lauren Strachan and Gretchen Amerongen 

Judge Main Page

If you or anyone you know has a science or engineering background, please consider signing up to judge the 4th and 5th grade projects on January 24, 2018 from 9-11 a.m.  To view the rubric that will be used to judge the 4th and 5th grade projects, please go to http://www.pcschools.us/woad-local/media/science/pcsd_science_fair_packet_5-12th_grade_2012.pdf  

For K-3rd grades, judging will take place on January 24, 2018 from 12-2 p.m.  We will have a simplified judging rubric. You don't have to be a scientist to judge these projects!  

Please sign up to be a judge for the McPolin Science and Engineering Fair here:    UPDATE LINK



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